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Your Loud Silence on Injustices in the Country is Rather shocking-Sam Jonah tells Media


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Business Mogul Sir Sam Jonah has expressed worry over the media’s failure to expose the ills of society and hold government accountable.

He said much, in the area of accountability is expected from the media as the fourth Estate of the Realm adding that the media’s loud silence is rather shocking.

Sir Jonah was giving a Keynote Address at the launch of GJA’s 75th Anniversary Celebration held in Accra on Wednesday (April 17, 2024) under the theme:’75 years of Excellence in journalism: Honouring the past, embracing the present, shaping the future’.

Moments when Sir Sam Jonah, GJA President , Kojo Oppong Nkrumah and other Members on the High Table presses the Anniversary Launch button

“I urge you to lead the fight against all sorts of injustice. “Yen Ara Asase Ni” is not merely a song, it is a testament to the enduring spirit of our people, a spirit that journalists are uniquely positioned to amplify. As guardians of the public conscience, you are called to rise above the fray, to champion the cause of truth, justice, and national unity. In this era, when the essence of our democracy and the fabric of our society are tested, let us recommit ourselves to the principles that Ephraim Amu so eloquently espoused. I implore you to be the standard bearers of objectivity, the architects of informed discourse, and the unyielding defenders of freedom and truth. In this regard, all of us have to be concerned about some disturbing developments in our national discourse”, the business Mogul emphasized.

The respected Entrepreneur also decried the perceived weaponization of state agencies against opponents, expressing disgust at the creeping assault on freedom of the press, the perceived lack of trust in the dispensation of justice, and the pathetic lack of accountability in the protection of the public purse.

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“ This is the time for patriots to find their voices. This is the time to be fearless and courageous. We cannot and must not compromise on our defence of the national interest”, Sir Jonah stressed.

The mining magnate also appealed to the media to approach the 2024 elections with tact , reminding the media to ensure that killings in the 2024 elections do not repeat itself.

“As we stand on the precipice of yet another electoral milestone, in my view, the most consequential, the echoes of past violence, the whispers of disenfranchisement looms and I don’t think anyone needs reminding that the conduct of the electoral exercise together with its outcome is so important that the nation cannot afford bias and unprofessional coverage of it by members of your profession. I wish I could be confident that the coverage will be professional but am afraid I can’t, given the largely unserious way in which another important national issue- the most egregious abuse of the rights of millions whose livelihood has been decimated completely by galamsey operations, has been treated by your profession. I don’t know whether you are exhausted and indeed frustrated by the shameful lack of decisive action from the authorities to your interventions. All I know is that your association’s pen which is your weapon has gone eerily silent on this all important matter. I would have liked to see a more concerted and sustained action from you. Sadly, that has not been the case. Galamsey doesn’t make the headlines anymore and yet the country is experiencing the ravages of this terrible phenomenon every day

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As we approach the forthcoming elections, let your pens and your voices forge a narrative of peace, fairness, and democracy. The sad saga of SALL, the killing of innocent voters at Techiman and the unprecedented electoral violence at Ayawaso remain a scar on our collective conscience. We must all resolve that these unfortunate chapters in our more recent history will never be repeated. You should endeavour to be the bridge over troubled waters, ensuring that every Ghanaian, irrespective of political allegiance, finds solace and strength in the truth.
Your role as the Fourth Estate is a cornerstone of our democracy, and your duty to hold power to account has never been more critical. The influence you wield is powerful, with the ability to frame political discourse and influence public opinion, making it imperative that this power is exercised with the utmost responsibility and ethical rigor”, Sir Jonah intimated.

The GJA President, Mr. Albert Kwabena Dwumfour, on his part used the occassion to eulogized the departed Journalists and veteran Journalists who sacrificed their lives at the peril of the gun in fighting for freedom of the media.

He reminded Journalists to let the ethics and professionalism be their guide and assured members of their of their protection and welfare under his watch as GJA President.

“The GJA continues to make positive strides in the country’s quest for national development. However, unlike the persecution that our pioneers faced, including the pain of imprisonment and human rights violations, today, the media face prosecution from inimical laws that criminalises freedom of speech and expression, as well as assault, which is a deviation from the rule of law. In recent times, journalists and media outlets have been targeted by political hoodlums while on assignment. The GJA has no choice but to take aggressive actions to combat this breach of media rights. We were forced to blacklist two important political figures whose followers attacked journalists who were performing their routine duties. Let me point out that the ban on Farouk Mahama, the MP for Yendi is still in force” he noted.

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“There is also a worrying trend of unprofessional practices by a section of the media due to many factors, including lack of appreciation for professional ethics and media ownership.
We will use this anniversary celebration to address some of these critical matters. I must emphasize, however, that the GJA will not tolerate any acts of unprofessionalism as we approach the vital election time. We shall try our best to maintain better levels of professionalism to protect our democracy”, the GJA President indicated.



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