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SHS Enrollment Witnesses Record Growth


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Ghana’s education sector is experiencing a significant milestone as the nation witnesses record growth in Senior High School (SHS) enrollment. This surge in enrollment reflects the success of various government interventions and initiatives aimed at improving access to education and ensuring that every Ghanaian child has the opportunity to access quality education.

Increasing trend in SHS enrolment


One of the most remarkable aspects of this surge in SHS enrollment is that it has not come at the expense of quality. Despite the increase in student numbers, education authorities have maintained a steadfast commitment to upholding high standards of education. The implementation of the Free SHS Program, along with targeted interventions to improve teaching and learning outcomes, has ensured that students continue to receive a quality education that prepares them for success in the future.

SUBJECT Eng.Language Int. Science Maths Social Studies
2015 45.2% 28.7% 32.4% 57.4%
2016 51.6% 48.35% 33.12% 54.55%
2017 52.24% 52.89% 41.66% 42.52%
2018 46.79% 50.48% 38.15% 73.25%
2019 49.06% 62.94% 64.23% 75.36%
2020 57.34% 52.53% 65.71% 64.31%
2021 54.08% 65.70% 54.11% 66.03%
2022 60.39% 62.45% 61.39% 71.51%
2023 73.11% 66.82% 62.23% 76.76%
2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 are the Free SHS Graduates and the only years in the past 9 years that MORE THAN 50% of candidates obtained A1-C6 in ALL Core subjects and the 2023 results is the best in 9 years.
Note: 2022 and 2023 year groups, MORE THAN 60% of candidates obtained A1-C6 in ALL Core Subjects. A1-C6 are the grades that are required for a student to qualify for admission into a tertiary institution in Ghana.

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Leveraging on Technology

In line with efforts to reposition Ghana’s education system to align with what pertains within the 4th industrial revolution, Ghana has introduced smart schools project to enhance the learning experience for SHS students. The Ghana Smart Schools Project (GSSP) is an extension of Government’s free SHS and TVET digitalization agenda to transform Ghana’s economy. The project seeks to equip the Ghanaian student with 21st century learning opportunities to compete globally. Under this project, all public Senior High School students (GES & TVET) would be supplied with tablets fully loaded with a customized Learning Management System (LMS).

The government of Ghana has enrolled about 5.7 million children who have benefited whiles some are still benefiting from the Free SHS policy. The government of Ghana has made education a catalyst through which the future transformation of our dear nation would revolve. Free SHS has been a remarkable novelty after Covid-19 Pandemic and other dire economic constraints, we have been able to sustain the Free SHS Programme and escalated to include the distribution of free tablets to each public school (SHS/TVET) and STEM without compromising the needs to lower the level of educational system. Every student gets a preloaded tablet accessorized with a bag pack, solar recharged and an offline version of the course content.

Gender Parity

Ghana has attained gender parity in SHS enrollment, surpassing many other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. A comparative analysis reveals that Ghana’s progress in gender equality in education is commendable, with equal opportunities provided to both male and female students. This achievement is a testament to the government’s commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering girls through education. By ensuring that all children, regardless of gender, have access to education, Ghana is paving the way for a more equitable society.

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Impact of increased enrolment on Health(reduction of HIV/AIDS)

The increase in SHS enrollment has had a positive impact on health outcomes, particularly in the reduction of HIV/AIDS infections among youths. Education has long been recognized as a powerful tool in HIV prevention, as it equips young people with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their sexual health. with the removal of the barriers of access and the integration of comprehensive sexuality education into the SHS curriculum has played a significant role in raising awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention and promoting healthier behaviors among students. As a result, health officials have observed a decline in HIV/AIDS prevalence rates among SHS students, demonstrating the critical role that education plays in improving public health outcomes. this translates into a reduction of new HIV infections by 26% while AIDS related deaths also reduced by 38% between 2017 and 2021.


To conclude, Ghana’s record growth in SHS enrollment signifies a significant step forward in the nation’s efforts to provide accessible, equitable, and quality education for all. By maintaining high standards of education, achieving gender parity, improving health outcomes, and embracing innovative teaching methods, Ghana is laying the foundation for a brighter future for its youth and the nation as a whole.


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