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Peter Agbeko Writes-Reflecting on a Legacy: GJA Delegation Pays Courtesy Visit to Cameron Duodu


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Peter Agbeko Writes-Reflecting on a Legacy: GJA Delegation Pays Courtesy Visit to Cameron Duodu

As the midday sun cast its golden hues through the curtains of Cameron Duodu’s residence in Accra, an air of anticipation filled the room. This day marked a momentous occasion, where the past intertwined with the present in a harmonious dance of shared memories and future aspirations.

Mr. Peter Agbeko in a picture with Mr. Cameron Duodu

A delegation from the Ghana Journalists Association’s 75th Anniversary Planning Committee, accompanied by esteemed members of the GJA Executives, eagerly gathered outside Duodu’s door. Among them were Kofi Yeboah, the General Secretary of the GJA, and Godwin Avenorgbo, a revered figure in Ghanaian broadcasting and chairman of the anniversary planning committee. They were joined by a cadre of accomplished individuals, each bearing their own contributions to the rich tapestry of Ghanaian journalism.

Other members of the delegation included Marian Kyei, media consultant and private legal practitioner; Kobby Asmah, member of the National Media Commission and former Editor of Graphic; Peter Agbeko, former Head of Public Affairs, Ghana Standards Authority and a Communications Consultant; Ellen Avorgbedor, former Central Regional Director of the GBC, and Dominic Hlordzi, a multiple award-winning journalist and Editor-In-Chief/Manager with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

As Duodu welcomed his guests into his home, warmth and camaraderie filled the atmosphere. A variety of drinks was served, followed by delicious kebabs, vegetables, and yam chips. With glasses raised and hearts open, they embarked on a journey of reminiscence and revelation.

The conversation flowed effortlessly, punctuated by laughter and nods of understanding. Duodu regaled his visitors with tales of his early days as a journalist, his foray into radio journalism at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, and his tenure as the editor of renowned publications such as Drum and the Daily Graphic. With each anecdote, he painted a vivid picture of a bygone era, a time when words held the power to shape nations and ignite revolutions. Additionally, he mentioned his novel, “The Gab Boys,” published in 1967.

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Amidst the nostalgia, there was a palpable sense of purpose. The delegation had come with a mission, one that resonated with Duodu’s lifelong commitment to his craft. They formally extended an invitation for him to deliver a public lecture in July as part of the Association’s milestone anniversary celebration. It was an opportunity for him to share his invaluable insights and experiences with a new generation of journalists, academics, and enthusiasts alike.

Duodu, ever the humble maestro of his trade, accepted the invitation with grace and gratitude. His eyes sparkled with anticipation, eager to impart the wisdom gleaned from decades spent in the trenches of journalism. For him, it was not just a chance to bask in the spotlight of recognition but a solemn duty to pay homage to the profession that had shaped his life in ways he could never have imagined.

As the day drew to a close and the last echoes of laughter faded into the afternoon sky, Duodu bid farewell to his guests with a promise to uphold the legacy of journalistic excellence that had brought them together. The stage was set for a momentous occasion, where past and present would converge in a symphony of shared purpose and unwavering resolve.

And so, with heads held high and hearts alight with passion, the members of the GJA delegation departed, leaving behind a trail of inspiration in their wake. For in the hallowed halls of Cameron Duodu’s home, the spirit of journalism burned brighter than ever before, a beacon of hope for generations yet to come.


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